Sunday, May 31, 2009

Things for Girls to do in Lakewood Ranch

Several years ago while my friend Jane was visiting from England, we went to one of those trendy paint your own ceramic places with my mom and my friend Emily. Lucky for them I can't find the photos, but my mom and I painted mugs, Emily painted a lovely dish for her dogs, and Jane... well Jane painted just about everything she could. As a lover of Halloween, she painted a ghostly thing and to fit in with her trip to Florida, she painted a crab. Jane is coming back to visit in October, and after a recent dinner at MacAllisters Grill & Tavern, I noticed that one of these places had opened on Lakewood Ranch's Main Street. In addition to painting ceramics, you can make your own jewelry at this place. Staring at me from the window was this lovely little Garden Gnome. Could it be a sign?


kate said...

You do love your gnomes!!!

gina said...

Hey Amy, My friend and previous client owns Wish on main in LWR you would love her store.When you are over there you should stop in.

Emily said...

That was a great time! Baci still enjoys his dish, although Bella eats more food out of it than he does.

Amy J said...

Yes, I do love my gnomes :-)

Gina, I LOVE that shop! Spend too much $ there, but she has such great things!

Em, glad the bowl is still in use. You did a great job! Wish you were in town to do again, we seriously need to plan something soon! :-)