Sunday, November 30, 2008

Dinner at Le Clos de la Glycine, Roussillon (10/04)

We had a very indulgent dinner at Le Clos de la Glycine on our first night in Roussillon. The hotel was around the corner from La Colombe d'Ocre, so driving wasn't an issue. The staff were so welcoming and friendly and the menu was superb. With courses chosen, we sat back to enjoy the view of the illuminated ochres out the panoramic window in the dining room. They had an outside terrace for dining, but it was a little too cold that night, so we stayed indoors.

We were promptly treated to a plate of salmon sandwiches, chilled tomato and basil soup, and a lovely dish of spicy olives. This was followed by an onion stuffed with mushrooms. I had never thought of stuffing an onion before, so really enjoyed this unusual dish. After the first bite I felt an idiot for not thinking of it before. The flavor of the mushrooms cooked in wine with rosemary complimented the mellow taste of the roasted onion so well that I was almost sad when I had finished. That was until I saw the next course:
My next course was a lovely medium-cooked pork with a mushroom, rosemary, wine reduction. This came served with Braised Endive Gratin. The Endive Gratin was also a first for me, and left my head swelling with ideas on new ways I'd like to try cooking vegetables.
Then the ending: dessert. This was not a disappointment. I had a poached pair, some chocolaty/melting ice cream thing pictured on the left hand side and in the middle: my favored MACARON!!! It was a lovely chocolate macaron with a heavenly deep, dark chocolate ganache in the center. If I could have a plate of those now, I could never want for anything else...

Le Clos de la Glycine

Place de la poste – 84220

Roussillon - France

Tél. +33 (0) 4 90 05 60 13 / Fax 04 90 05 75 80


Le Chats du Roussillon

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Roussillon by Day

Roussillon is probably my favorite place on Earth. The colors there are amazing, so bold and so vivid that you almost feel like you're walking in a dream. The narrow, winding roads are my perfect vision of a French hillside village. It has so much history and character. The deep red ochres add to the surreal atmosphere. There are cats roaming free throughout the village. As you walk around you'll find fig trees, olive trees, rosemary, lavender, and even grape vines growing amongst the houses. If you could make a place on Earth based from my dreams, it would be Roussillon.

Please revisit this post, I will be adding more images of Roussillon as I work my way through my photos.

Tournée du Chat Noir

After we had unpacked and settled in, we decided to have a drink on the terrace to celebrate our arrival. As we were sitting there taking in the breathtaking view and indulging in a bottle of sparkling rosé , this sleek black cat appeared on the top of the terrace. He circled above us to the neighboring roof where there were birds nesting. After a very loud (and short) protest by the birds, the cat came back towards our terrace, completed the full circle overhead, and left us the same way that he had come...

La Colombe d'Ocre, Roussillon, Provence

We stayed at this dreamy house, La Colombe d'Ocre, while we were in Roussillon.
I have a fetish for retro French music, so the curtains in the kitchen looked like the album cover to one of my iPod play lists...

The house was so well decorated, right down to the littlest features, such as this knife set, the most amazing lamp I've ever laid eyes on (yes, it was hard for me to leave it), and this beautiful little mask that was outside one of the windows:

The back garden had two lower layers from the terrace. The first was a garden with roses, oleanders, and bamboo to name but a few, then had a narrow staircase that went down to the private pool.

Please check this post again: As I'm still sorting out the 2,000 photos I took, more photos from the house will be posted as I work my way through. Will also add more text about the house as I do.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Goodbye Snow... Hello Sunshine! (10/04)

This was the snow dusted scene we woke up to as we were leaving the Alps. Coming from Florida, it was amazing to see snow. I was however glad not to be getting in too deep...

I was even happier when we arrived in Roussillon and I saw that view from where I would be calling home for the next week:

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Our Last Day in Annecy (10/03)

Our last full day together in Annecy was spent with an indulgent lunch celebrating J and his sister's birthdays. We had a fantastic meal at Brasserie Saint Maurice. My first course was one of the most amazing, indulgent dishes of my life...
Yes, it is just carpaccio of beef (or boeuf) but it was the best I've ever had. The beef was so tender and the taste was amazing. In addition to the salad and Parmesan, it was drizzled in a beautiful olive oil, sprinkled with course sea salt, and chives. The flavors were all so distinct and pure - and went so perfectly together. If I had to come up with my final menu, this would absolutely be the starting point!

Afterwards we had a walk around Annecy to settle out stomachs (and to somewhat sober up).
If you order flowers in Annecy from - this is where they just might come from...
If you are in Annecy and looking for something for a very pampered pooch, Au Chien Elegant is the place for you! They had designer everything for the most discerning pup.
We then went for a walk in the park where we experienced two seasons in under five minutes. Let's start with Autumn: the leaves are just starting to change color.
Next enters Winter: the mountain tops were starting to get their first dusting of snow...

Brasserie Saint Maurice
7, Rue Collège Chapuisien
74000 Annecy, France
+33 4 50 51 24 49‎