Thursday, July 1, 2010

I've Moved! From the Suncoast to the Hostess City of the South

Hello friends, it's been a while. The past several months have been a whirlwind. So many things have been going on; some great, some not so good. The biggest thing was a welcomed relocation to my favorite area of the country. Yes my friends, I moved 400 miles north-east to live the South! Left behind is my beautiful hometown of Sarasota for the lovely historic city of Savannah, her islands, gorgeous salt marshes, and the Lowcountry. This change has also brought on a renewed desire to pick up where I left off with Artichokes and Lemonade. Yes, there will still be recipes to come, but please stick with me as I share some new discoveries in my freshly adopted home town. I hope you enjoy what you see and keep me company as I explore and get acquainted with this gorgeous area of the US. The food of this region completely inspires me, so I'm sure there will be no shortage of good things to post.


Michelle said...

I am so jealous you live in Savannah!! Congrats on your move...good to see you are still around!!

Amy J said...

Thanks Michelle! :-) I've only been here two weeks, so it still sort of feels like I'm just here on vacation. My little Harry cat has really settled, so that has been a huge relief.

Hey, was checking out your blog this morning. I've got a few flameless candles that are too big/small for anything I have. Mason jars are a fab idea! Thanks for the inspiration for my newest addition to the porch.