Friday, October 24, 2008

Je T'aime: Perrier Menthe (9/29)

Perrier Menthe is a brilliantly colored, very refreshing drink that is popular in cafes and bars across France. It is a mixture of Perrier (or any sparkling water / soda water) mixed with Mint Syrup. I would guess the ratio is about 7 (water) to 1 (syrup).

Yes, I was apprehensive at first to try something that had the potential of tasting like chilled carbonated mouthwash, but first sip aside, it was actually very enjoyable. I've been to France several times before, but this was a first for me. Served with a stirrer, you get to mix it up a bit again before drinking. This is a good idea as I found the syrup to settle, and the bottom did taste a bit like mouthwash. Next time I would probably have a few intermittent stirs.

We had originally stopped for a thé citron - but with the sun shining so warmly, I am glad to have opted for a more refreshing, quintessentially French drink.

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