Friday, October 24, 2008

Talloires: Heaven in the Alps (9/29)

After lunch we headed off to Talloires, a small town and commune of the Haute-Savoie département. A popular tourist spot, it has also been referred to as "most romantic village" in France. It is a beautiful town, and was sunny and warm that afternoon - which sent us quickly looking for liquid refreshments. We found a quaint little bar in which J was excited to discover offered Wi-Fi (pronounced Wee-Fee, of course).
Enter the Perrier Menthe, which completely quenched my thirst.

Afterwards we had a look around the boutique of L'Auberge du Pere Bise. This is a very well known, very upscale Hotel and Restaurant. Much to the dismay of the boutique girl (and much to the amusement of my sister-in-law), I opted to buy one Macaron. This was an extreme faux pas, but at 60 cents euro a piece, I was only curious enough to try one of the blue ones in case they tasted of lake scum. I can happily report that they did not, and I returned to buy an entire bag.
This was a narrow house that took my fancy. Not only did it have fantastic views in all direction, but porches on each floor! Now I have to admit, I have sort of an obsession with porches and my knees go weak at the thought of Charleston's historic section. On a hot day, this house would be a dream. Just open the windows and I would imagine that you'd have a fantastic breeze.
The entire area was full of hang gliders. We noticed about 10 in one area, all with different color gliders. It looked like the sky was raining Crayola drops!
With the Alpine mountains in the backdrop, and the town sitting on a lake, you can see why this is THE ideal tourist spot.
The water was so blue and clear, it looked as though the boats were floating on air.
For more information on L'Auberge du Pere Bise, please click the link to their website:
Tél. : +33 (0)4 50 60 72 01 - Fax : +33 (0)4 50 60 73 05


Jane King said...

am craving the periier menthe now!! it sounds so refreshing! The weather looks amazing! And the scenery - wow! I forget how amazing france and frech countryside\ scenery is until i go or see pics. i think the english countryside is the best in the world but the french must come a really really close 2nd. whats with the porches? I have never had a porch ever. i like the idea of sitting out being nosey :-) and sitting in a glider (is that the right word? One of those gliding chairs) The water in the pic with the boats looks heaven is that the lake? Do people swim in it? Is it as warm as it looks in the pics looks so sunny and hot! More pics please x

Amy Jemima said...

The scenery was amazing, but hard for me to compair to England as it was so different. I've never been to any mountainy region of England, so there was nothing really to compair it to. English countryside is beautiful, but the mountains and the lake were also stunning. The air there was so fresh and clean too. Yeah, sitting in a glider being the resident Nosey Parker (or Polly) totally appeals to me too :-) The water was pretty cold where we were there, but people do swim in it more June/July/August. They had just shut up most of the rental places for kayaking, etc the week before we go there. Have many more pics to post. Have to run to do some shopping, but will try to do more tonight, def. tomorrow. x