Monday, April 13, 2009

Boniato, or Cuban Sweet Potato

In my weekly quest to try something new from the Farmers' Market, I stumbled upon something I have never tried before: Boniato - or Cuban sweet potato. This is a white fleshed sweet potato. A fellow shopper had mentioned that these were quite rare and we were lucky to have found them, but upon some further research, they apparently grow year round in Florida. The week after I purchased them a colleague of my mom's had brought some in to work from her garden. They must be a next "up and coming" product on the local market.The flesh was not quite a moist as a regular sweet potato, and maybe a bit fluffier once cooked. It wasn't as sweet as a regular sweet potato, but I really liked the light flavor. I cooked them the same as you would cook a regular sweet potato. Once cooked, I mashed with a fork, drizzled with olive oil, then sprinkled with sea salt and basil.

One thing I did discover is that they start to discolor once peeled, so it is best to put into water right away.

James wasn't really impressed, but I look forward to having them again.

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Michelle said...

Oh these look delicious. I think I might actually go to a Farmer's Market this weekend. I will look for them!