Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Hope you are having a lovely day enjoying the beauty of Spring. We had our first Easter feast yesterday, and are preparing for our second today. The sun is shining, the flowers are in bloom, the butterflies are fluttering, and it truly is beautiful day.


kate said...

Happy Easter, Amy.
Best to you and your family

thewindhover said...

What a perfectly beautiful Spring day... I adore seeing that little tiger-striped butterfly; it is bucketing down rain and cold here! Blessings to you and yours x

Jane King said...

Happy easter!! Love the photo! The sun is trying to shine here against the odds as bank holiday = rain, as you know, in the UK
Hope you had a nice feast we had roast beef and yorkshire puds last night :-P

gina said...

Happy Easter Amy! Is that picture from your yard? Lovely.

Amy J said...

Thanks ladies :-) This photo isn't in my yard, but is close by. I actually took it last Easter. We had a walk over there tonight because I hadn't noticed the passion vine in bloom this year, and was very saddened to discover that they had taken it down.

Michelle said...

Hi Amy!

Hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend! :)