Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Lazy Sunday with Harry

I've had a very busy past two weeks with work and the running up to the Sarasota British Club's Murder Mystery that took place on Friday night. It was a labor of love, but kept me very busy. As we were doing this for a group of 80+, I had to re-write the text from the CD so local Actor & Radio Host Cliff Roles could lead the investigation. We were also lucky enough to have Sarasota Magazine's own Mr. Chatterbox, Bob Plunket, join the cast! The rest of the cast was made up by 6 members of the club, including myself as Angeline Desguys, the murder! Everyone did a fantastic job and it was a lot of fun.

Today I decided to have a very indulgent, relaxing day, which suited Harry. We started out with a nice leisurely breakfast.
Then went outside to enjoy the sunshine. James & I did some gardening while Harry kept an eye on things.
Harry has the prime spot for sunning and watching lizards, all within reach of his beloved chives...
Harry is a true sun lover. Once the sun is no longer shining on the lanai, he moves inside to sit on our bar, where the sun shines in the late afternoon.
We'll probably head back out to have a few drinks while the sun sets and BBQ dinner. This is my favorite way to spend a Sunday.
We had a surprise later that night. I noticed a load of people outside staring in the same direction. While I realized that the sky was probably not falling, I went out to investigate. It turned out to be the Space Shuttle finally taking off from Cape Canaveral on the other coast of Florida. It was the most amazing launch I have ever seen. There was this bold plume of red and white smoking going into the sky with a very visible shuttle leading the way. We could even see the two rocket boosters separate and fall. My camera was inside at the time and I didn't want to go inside for fear off missing it. Here is the trail that was leftover 10 minutes after take off.


kate said...

Sounds like a great weekend Amy,
im glad your murder mystery went well, I dont know how we missed each other in Sara. when I was always doing the British thing

Amy J said...

I'm curious about how many times our pathes almost crossed that we never noticed? I was the Social Director for the Sarasota British Club for 5 years and this year I've stepped back a bit and am the PR Director, so I'm sure we had to have been at the same places a few times at least! :-)

Lisa said...

Harry is so handsome!

Amy J said...

Thanks Lisa, he certainly thinks so :-)