Monday, March 16, 2009

My Herb Box

As I can't really plant much outside, I like to keep a container of herbs on my lanai. Here is an updated photo of my herb box taken on 03/07. In my last Herb Box posting, I had planted the Nasturtiums (02/15). My dill didn't make it, so am going to purchase one to replant. They were still doing really well, as was my Cilantro that popped up from roots that I had planted last summer. This was a very unexpected and very welcome surprise. Harry's Chives were still doing well, but my Basil had run it's course, so I bought an organic Dandelion plant to add in it's place. I love Dandelion Salad, so am looking forward to seeing how this grows.
I don't seem to have much luck keeping Cilantro, so I'm enjoying it while I can. We had Tacos tonight so it was nice to go and harvest my own. Maybe I will be more successful this time around, but it seems like once the summer rains begin, my Cilantro disappears.
This photo was taken on 03/15. Just one week after the first photo in this post! My Nasturtiums are growing like mad! I can't wait to see what color they will be. The Cilantro is taking over and is really filling in the container, and my Dandelion is doing well.
It keeps getting greener and larger by the day. My gnomes are enjoying the shade... This is the best my herb garden has ever looked. I use an organic planting matter mixed with a little planting soil. To enrich the soil, I add the used leaved from my morning cup of tea. Right now I'm drinking an Earl Grey Green Tea, and it seems to be suiting my herbs. Now I don't do this every day, but about once a week. The additional left over tea gets mixed in with our coffee for my gardenia and roses. Every 6 weeks I do Jerry Baker's "Happy Herb Tonic". This is the first time I've done it religiously, and I really think I can tell a difference.
If you are interested in this post, please check back in a few weeks. I'm going to be posting updates on what I've done right and wrong. Hopefully there will be more rights than wrongs! If you have an tips, suggestions, or advice, I'd love to hear from you!!!


kate said...

Im still now sure you are my daughter, lindsey too is so into gardening in chicago, she is studing planter boxes, and has done container gardening for the last three years. We are all drinking our Earl Grey tea at the same time and dont even know it!!
happy st pattys day.
best to you

kate said...

ps i forgot to mention the gnomes!!
i dont really care for them, but i knew lindsey loved them, so i did a gnome, pictorial for her through england!!!

Michelle said...

Oh Amy you've given me inspiration! I only have a lanai as well and I love how you planted your herb garden. In fact, I still need to decorate the two decks I do have. Doh! Another excuse to shop. Lol! I am putting you on my blogroll on the front of my site since I have been following so many!! I lose track. I just love your blog!

thewindhover said...

I do love those gnomes! And how the sight of good green herb box makes my heart sing! We suffer from too much shade in our garden to plant many herbs and vegetables but that doesn't stop one trying!

gina said...

I would love to do an herb box. I do use quite a bit of basil and rosemary. and I have grown them but the don't seem to do well for me. You have inspired me to try again. I love the box and the gnome is cute too!

Lisa said...

You've inspired me! I think I'll get a herb box going. And the gnome is the cutest thing in the world. It's so wee!

Amy J said...

Thanks ladies :-) Green is my favorite color and it is a small hobby that really makes all of my senses happy.

I do love gnomes, Kate, I would love to see your gnomes from England!!! I have Guillame the Gormet Gnome that lives in my kitchen, but I haven't posted him in ages. All of my gnomes are from Target.

I've really had a lot of luck with my herb boxes. They really don't require a lot of work, just water every other day when it is not raining. My basil never lasts more than 6 months, I've had a rosemary plant for 5 years but killed it off last year when I accidentally sprayed it with insecticidal soap. When something dies I see it as an opportunity to plant something new. Nasturtiums are new to me this year and I'm hoping to find Borage though I have to look in to its toxicity level as Harry tries to eat everything.

Kate, Lindsey sounds like she's grown up to be an amazing woman, great job! :-)