Sunday, March 1, 2009

Product Review: Patak's Coat & Cook! - Tandoori

Having previously tried the Tikka version, I was looking forward to making Patak's Coat & Cook Tandoori, with a few noted changes.The last time I used the Tikka, I didn't mix the packet with anything, and spread it directly onto two chicken breasts. The results were a little too strong and salty, and the paste was a little thick. My friend Jane had suggested using yogurt to mix with and marinate. Well, I didn't have any yogurt, so relied on my favorite Duke's Mayonnaise, mixing equal parts of each. I had two extremely large chicken breasts that I cut into smaller portions, coated with the mixture and marinated for 2 hours, turning occasionally. The chicken was cooked at 325F for 20-25 minutes, and the results were lovely. The mayonnaise made a world of difference as it kept the chicken nice and moist, and the flavor was superb.
I made this for a picnic, and like to think that we had the tastiest food of the bunch. Modestly speaking, of course.


Michelle said...

This looks delicious! I LOVE Indian food. I really should try cooking more of it. I'm a little intimidated by the use of all the spices. :) I like this version! LOL

Amy J said...

Thanks :-) I've made some disasters, so it's safer to stay with the mixes. Though I've still managed to ruin a few of those too. LOL