Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Moment of Zen on Your Breakfast Plate: Buddha Belly Doughnuts

There is a new breakfast contender on Main Street: Buddha Belly Doughnuts. Located across the street from the Hollywood 20 cinema, Buddha Belly serves breakfast and lunch. The coffee is good and the Bavarian cream doughnut, even better.
Supporting Local and Independent Businesses is good karma.


Michelle said...

Oh my...I'll have ten please! Lol! Those look delicious!

kate said...

wow amy,
one of my really bad weakness is donuts the other is bacon,,,wish
i was in sarsota

Amy J said...

They were really good! Sad to admit I had two. The one on the right was the best.

Some time ago, I saw something on TV about a place in Portland that had funky doughnuts. One was maple icing with bacon on top! Kate, now that would be one to try! Michelle - have you heard of it?