Sunday, August 24, 2008

Gardening: My Bougainvillea

This bougainvillea is outside my kitchen window. It requires little attention and is absolutely amazing. We fertilize it two or three times a year, it is drought tolerant and is almost always in bloom. Our house is very close to our neighbor's, so it also gives us some privacy. We've let it grow larger than we've had it in the past, first due to the fact that there was a bird nesting, but then we just couldn't bring ourselves to make it any shorter. We've had two different neighbors next door and they both have said how they probably get to enjoy it more because they're looking at the front when their blinds are open. So to sum it up: beauty, privacy, drought tolerant and shelter for the birds, what a lot in return for such little effort!


Jane King said...

All your plants look beautiful! Is it hard to keep them with the weather being so hot/humid/wet? You seem to do very well! I have only managed lavender this year - my garden is a MESS!! Have ordered a new memory card for my camera when its here i will take some pics my back garden in Chav central its just weeds! Embarassing

Amy Jemima said...

We've learned from through trial and error. Most of our plants are drought resistant now. The roses are probably the most work, but at that it isn't much. I have no luck with lavender here. It is too humid here. Saying that, I 've had it for 5 months or so. but then once the summer rains start, it does. You're only Chav central if you've got 2 liter plastic cider bottles lying around! :-)