Sunday, November 2, 2008

Annecy - Lunch at L'Auberge du Lyonnais (9/30)

After a busy morning shopping at Annecy's lovely market, we were ready for lunch! At the recommendation of my in-laws, we chose L'Auberge du Lyonnaise. Located in the Old Town of Annecy on the bank of the Thiou Canal, it was an ideal spot to have lunch during the week when we normally would have been at work. We reserved a lovely table in the shade on the pavement at 12:45 for lunch.

The sun had broken through the haze and it was turning into a very warm day, so we chose a cold bottle of Apremont. It couldn't come quickly enough and it was accompanied by a plate of jambon pastry pinwheels.

We opted for the week menu which offered two starters, two main courses (one fish and one beef), and two deserts to chose from.

J and I chose the Tomato and Feta Cheese in Filo Pastry Shell. Drizzled with a little olive oil, it was sublime! With dishes like this, it can be so tempting to add too much to it, a drizzle of Balsamic Reduction - or other sauce, I was so happy that they didn't. The sweet, rich flavor of the lightly roasted tomatoes went so well with the salty, creamy feta. This was proving to be a very good choice for lunch...
... then came the main course: Faux Filet, à point. Now if I could scream it from the roof tops: I LOVE FRENCH BEEF!!! This was just a simple steak: good quality beef, cooked well, seasoned with a little sea salt. So simple, so perfect. America is known for it's steak houses, but the best steaks I've ever had have mostly been in France. Even my favorite local steak is at a French restaurant. I LOVE FRENCH STEAK!!! Ok, regroup... The steak was joined by:
...creamy, smooth mashed potatoes drizzled with a little jus, and my favorite, haricot vert.

Dessert was something chocolaty that didn't impress me enough to take a photo, and didn't really leave much of a memory. To be fair though, I was a state of food bliss from the preceding courses, not to mention also very full, it would have taken something insanely amazing to live up to all of that.

~ L'auberge du Lyonnais ~
9 rue de la République
74000 Annecy
Tél. 04 50 51 26 10 Fax. 04 50 51 05 04

For more info on the restaurant and hotel, along with beautiful photos and their menus, please click the following link:


Jane King said...

I want to go there for lunch!! Wow it all looks so amazing! Was it expensive? LAst time i went to france i never found places like this! The beeks a-maz-ing I only like rare beef and over here its so often overdone and tough. the french by the looks of the photo do it to perfection. Mmmm Am salivating so badly! Again the photos looks brilliant!

Amy Jemima said...

Thanks! :-) I think it was around 25 euros per person, which isn’t bad for 3 courses really. It was one of those long, laborious lunches. It was perfect, just the way I like it. Yeah, they do tend to over-cook beef in the UK. To be fair though, some times I order medium over here and it’s more like medium-well. Kudos to the French: they’re not afraid to eat raw meat! :-)