Saturday, November 29, 2008

La Colombe d'Ocre, Roussillon, Provence

We stayed at this dreamy house, La Colombe d'Ocre, while we were in Roussillon.
I have a fetish for retro French music, so the curtains in the kitchen looked like the album cover to one of my iPod play lists...

The house was so well decorated, right down to the littlest features, such as this knife set, the most amazing lamp I've ever laid eyes on (yes, it was hard for me to leave it), and this beautiful little mask that was outside one of the windows:

The back garden had two lower layers from the terrace. The first was a garden with roses, oleanders, and bamboo to name but a few, then had a narrow staircase that went down to the private pool.

Please check this post again: As I'm still sorting out the 2,000 photos I took, more photos from the house will be posted as I work my way through. Will also add more text about the house as I do.

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michael said...

Hi Amy! I was reading your Blog on Roussillon-I will be getting married there this summer. Looking for a place stay and feel in love with La Colombe d'Orcre.

Would you have their contact info by any chance?...They don't have a web site and I would love to book!

Please let me know!

Michele Corty