Sunday, November 9, 2008

When in France, Phone Before Driving Up Narrow Roads for Lunch, But Not When Walking in Alpine Meadows (10/02)

Our agenda for the day was to have lunch once again at Châlet la Pricaz and the have a nice leisurely walk through Alpine meadows. We drove all the way to Forclaz, up the steep and narrow mountain road, only to discover that they were closed. Despite the fact that it wasn't their scheduled week day to be closed. This is a valuable lesson my friends: while in France, if you don't like steep and narrow roads, please do phone and check an establishment's agenda for the day before making the trek up.
I was gutted, but it gave me time to visit the Cows.

The Tarentaise cows are one of the breeds whose milk is used to make Reblochon cheese.

We also spotted this, Montbéliard. This is a well known dairy breed that is mainly used for making cheese.

The cows were lovely, and so was the location, so we decided to move on for our Alpine Meadow walk in hopes of finding lunch on the way.

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