Saturday, November 29, 2008

Roussillon by Day

Roussillon is probably my favorite place on Earth. The colors there are amazing, so bold and so vivid that you almost feel like you're walking in a dream. The narrow, winding roads are my perfect vision of a French hillside village. It has so much history and character. The deep red ochres add to the surreal atmosphere. There are cats roaming free throughout the village. As you walk around you'll find fig trees, olive trees, rosemary, lavender, and even grape vines growing amongst the houses. If you could make a place on Earth based from my dreams, it would be Roussillon.

Please revisit this post, I will be adding more images of Roussillon as I work my way through my photos.


Lisa said...

Lovely tour as usual.

Amy Jemima said...

Thank you :-) If only I could do this for a living!