Saturday, November 15, 2008

The View from Duingt (10/02)

After lunch we decided to go into Duingt, where there are lovely views of the lake. We stopped at a boulangerie for some quiche on the way in.
The "Dog Parking" out front is a complete give-away that we are in France. Yes, they love their dogs so much that there is a specific place outside for you to tie-up your faithful friend while you go inside to get your baguette.

City Hall and Church in Duingt.

A short drive up into the mountain provided stunning views into the valley looking onto Lac d'Annecy.
Here is a close up of the Château de Duingt or "Châteauvieux", the 1896 subject of a painting by Paul Cézanne. The village across the lake to the left of the photo is Talloires, which you might remember from an earlier post.
While they were not open for service, we utilized the parking of the restaurant at Auberge Terre de Bellevarde. This appears to be a collect enterprise consisting of Restaurant, Guest Houses, and Apartments.
They had a kitchen garden next to the road where these lovely little beauties were sticking out.
Here is their kitchen garden. While there wasn't much there, I'm pretty sure they were just finishing up for the summer and were beginning to let the land rest. However, with the size of the garden and the position looking into the valley and lake, I would be in absolute heaven calling this home.