Thursday, January 22, 2009

Budget Gourmet: Our Inauguration Dinner

We wanted to have a nice dinner to celebrate the Inauguration of our new president. We were looking for a menu that would be worthy of serving to the new president, but keeping to the penny pinching budget of the current economy, and considering I worked late, we wanted to keep it fast. The weekend before I had purchased a celeriac from my local Farmer's Market and the night before made Celeri Remoulade. As I had just tried this for the first time in France, I was very keen on recreating the recipe. When in season, this makes a very economical, but posh side dish.

After work we made a quick trip to Fresh Market, which is next to my office. We picked up a rotisserie chicken - which came with a complimentary loaf of Rosemary/Sea Salt bread. The chicken and bread were very tasty and also very economical as we had it the following night, and then made soup with the left over chicken on Thursday, which went well the the rest of the bread.

Once we got home, I also made a simple green salad, chopped a Cherokee Purple Tomato, chilled a bottle of Australian fizz and were ready to watch a ball fit for a new President and First Lady.
Now, I'm sure it was nowhere near as posh as what the Obamas ate that night, but it is something that I could have confidently served them as a makeshift meal.


kate said...

its kate, i told you i used to live in sarasota, for 21 yrs until
3 months ago. i also worked downtown, at Robinson Spry Interiors at Lemon and 5th North of Fruitville. I worked as a designer for 5 yrs their. life is funny to find you on the blog instead of sarasota
ps beautiful dish!!!

Amy Jemima said...

Hi Kate - Life is very funny indeed... read the comment that I left on your 7 Facts posting on your blog, you won't believe it!!!