Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cappuccino Freddo in Marseille (10/09)

As we are huge fans of Luc Besson's Taxi films, we were completely ecstatic to be on our way to Marseille. Driving in was an absolute thrill as we recognized so many locations that had been used in the films. Just as we were approaching the parking garage, it was beginning to rain. Once parked, we came out of the underground parking to this first view of the Old Port on foot. It was still quite early and we hadn't had a proper breakfast before we left, let alone a proper cup of coffee, so it seemed obvious what our first priority was going to be. Walking along the Quai Port, we found a very trendy looking restaurant/bar that looked inviting so made our way in with three things on our mind: coffee, croissant, and pain au chocolat. I had this lovely Cappuccino Freddo that was an absolute treat.It felt so indulgent sitting there when we should have been at work, eating a nice leisurely breakfast in Marseille at this trendy spot with dance music blaring at 10:00AM. Ten in the morning is usually a little early for me for that type of music, but it just seemed so appropriate at the time. The staff were very friendly and one told us about the filming of Taxi 3, in which the area around was blocked off for the amazing car scenes. In case you didn't know, Sylvester Stallone makes a brilliant appearance in the opening scene. In my opinion he is a total star for appearing in a French film, speaking French. If you haven't seen any of the Taxi films, I would highly recommend them. They are very funny (to my sense of humor at least) and have some amazing driving scenes. We had a Peugeot 406 during the time the first 2 films were made, but ours didn't do nearly as much as Daniel's did!


Jane King said...

i dont even like coffe but that cuppaccino looks heaven!!

Amy Jemima said...

The fanciest I've ever had!