Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sunset Picnic at the Beach

One of my favorite places to eat in Sarasota is at the beach, about an hour before sunset. As a local, this is something I don't do often enough. There are so many places to dine in Sarasota, but there is something about a picnic on the beach that just can't be beat.

When we don't make our own food, we like to pop in to Morton's Gourmet Market on Osprey Avenue to pick up some of their lovely prepared foods. To complete it, you only need a couple of chairs or a blanket, a bottle of wine (keep in mind that glass is banned on the beach), and a nice spot on the beach to sit back and enjoy the view.

Sietsa Key Beach (voted Travel Channel's "America's Best Beach 2003") is the most popular in the area, but Lido Beach is closer to our house, and less crowded, making it the ideal spot for a picnic.


Jane King said...

Fantastic pictures as always. Makes me more determind to come and see you soon!!
I was looking at the pictures i took at siesta key when i came over with adam. I still cant get over the colour of the sand over there :)

Amy Jemima said...

Thanks :-) We MUST have a picnic at the beach the next time you are here. We'll even bring music so it will be like the Proms, minus a guy falling over in front of us that no one cares about, lol. Remember the crazy bus driver from when you and Adam went to the beach? The sand is divine... the day we were out there was the first time I had seen a crab like that, which made me think of your Cromer crabs :-) x

gina said...

We do have great sand and beautiful beaches. Another great place to picnic and watch the sunset with water but no sand is Marina Jacks were all the boats are docked and you can see the bridge and lay your blanket out in the grass. During the summer around 5:30 we head out with all the girls and have a picnic dinner and watch the sun set and run around in the nice grass. I have had some great memories there.

Amy Jemima said...

It is nice by Marina Jacks, and that does sound like heaven. Your girls must love that! That is another place I don't get to nearly enough, that I have been several times in the past year - though it has been for a photography class. Oh, and La Barge when we have company.