Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Product Review: World Market's Dal Mughlai Curry (Lentils)

Whenever I'm in Jacksonville, after seeing my dad and step-mom, my next "Must See" is World Market in Orange Park. If you're not familiar with World Market, it's sort of like an old school Pier 1 with loads in international foods and a nice wine selection. Apart from getting to my dad's house, World Market is the only place in Jacksonville I really know how to get to. My dad is always sweet enough to take me there, and patient enough to spend as long as I need to take in all the good stuff. As I am a huge fan of Indian food, I was elated to discover their own brand Curried Mixed Lentils. They are under $3 a can, and are really quite tasty. Actually imported from India, I like to think I'm getting a truly authentic product.

As they are mildly spiced, I like to add a little chili flakes when heating. I also like to add some tomato, and found this the perfect use for the rest of the can that I didn't use when making the Indian Spiced Kale and Tomatoes.
They make the perfect accompaniment to any Indian meal, are vegetarian - if you are so inclined, and are really good value. Now if only they would open a Wold Market in my area! I've been e-mailing their corporate office regularly suggesting they consider our area and figure one of two things will happen: they will promptly open once the economy picks up, or are considering a restraining order for harassment. I hope its the first option, as this could seriously become a very enjoyable habit.


gina said...

Hi Amy
Kate talks about the World market all the time. I have never been, She says we are getting one in SRQ?
We do have a fresh market and I like it there very different. The nuts that turn into peanut butter with the flick of a switch always makes my kids go gaga.

kate said...

Hi Amy and Gina,
its kate.
you are getting a World Market in
Sarasota, by the Targetsuper store
off Univ. and yes, i also love Fresh Market, but there nothing alike, im lucky we have two world markets here, (that is where i get my scone mix,(see review i did on it on our blog) and one of my favorite teas, also great for
cheap but good champange!!!!

Amy Jemima said...

Hi Ladies ~ That is great news about World Market! I live over there too, so even better for me!!! The last time I wrote them to suggest the area the responce was we look forward to opening in your area in which I took as "Yay, maybe some day" but not actually as "Yay, on my doorstep (hopefully) soon"!!! My favorite Cava is Cristalino and I've bought it there for as low as $4.99! They had a magnum of Cristalino for under $15 at New Year. You can't beat that. I hope they come soon!!! I'm all about cheap but good fizz! :-)

Fresh Market is good too, sadly I've missed the peanut butter machine. My office is across the street, so I go there quite a bit to pick things up for dinner. Their chicken curry salad is nice.