Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's a New Dawn, It's a New Day... and I'm Feelin' Good...

What a truly magical day. The world woke up to the day that the 44th President of the US being sworn in. To the hopes of better times on the horizon.

I then heard the fantastic news that Fiat are joining forces with Chrysler! This also brought the hope of maybe in the near future I could have the Fiat 500 that I have long admired. For years Americans have had a love affair with their SUV's, and I truly believe the past few years have tarnished that lust, opening the door to a smaller car market.

On the way to work this morning, a Bald Eagle dove down in front of our car (while we were stopped) then flew over us. We were clearly left with the feeling that it must have been a sign.

At lunch I went next door to a friendly local bar to watch the inauguration. What a mesmerizing, vibrant speech. President Obama left me with so much hope and feeling so proud to be an American. The past year and a quarter have not been easy for me, and I see every day the effects of the economy on people I know and love, but to have hope that change is on its way... I just can't express how I feel.

It was, indeed, a truly fantastic day.


kate said...

your photos are always so beautiful, your foods so lovely and now your words match them both, we all hope for New Beginnings this year!!!

Amy Jemima said...

Thank you Kate, what a nice thing to say :-)