Friday, September 26, 2008

Bon Voyage!!!

We're off tomorrow morning to two weeks in France! I'll have my lap top, but not sure if I'll have Internet connection, so may not post again until after October 12th. If I can, I will post updates from my trip, but if not, please check back mid October. Not only will I feature photos and fantastic food from my trip, I will also be featuring my very good friend Emily M and her Hot Havana Mama Ropa Vieja, mojitos, and flan. The Cuban diva herself will be sharing some of her authentic Cuban recipes. We will be joined by some of my craziest, closest friends.

Good luck to Gloria and her MBA mid terms! The Cuban extravaganza will be hosted in her lovely kitchen, with my favorite pooch, HASHI!!!

Also a HUGE thank you to my mom, who will be taking care of my Harry while we're away. The claws are clipped, the cupboard is stocked, the scratch box is in the window, and his nest is made in the closet.
See you all soon!!!


Lisa said...

Your Harry is just like my Igby, who is in recovery from the ol' snip-snip today. I love Siamese cats...handsome devils, aren't they?

Bon Voyage!

Amy Jemima said...

Oh, good wishes to Igby for a speedy recovery - probably more to the ego than the nether regoins. Yes, they are handsome devils. They definitly live up to the stereotype! But I'm a sad sap and cry like crazy every time we go somewhere and I have to leave him for more than a couple of days. Wouldn't trade those pesky habbits for anything. I look forward to seeing photos of Igby!