Sunday, September 14, 2008

Creatures in My Garden: Toads

During the summer, we are inundated with toads. We've had several this summer, but this guy seems to keep coming back. Of course if could be different toads that look the same, but we're convinced this is the same toad. For two weeks straight we have been scooping him from our pool or removing him from the lanai. Despite the chlorine, he seems to like swimming in our pool. I've named him "Hammer Time" as when he's decided that he's had enough and wants to go back outside, he ends up on the track next to the screen. He starts trying the climb the screen for a way out, as seen above, but after a while he gives up and does this little sideways, back and forth dance reminiscent of MC Hammer in the "You Can't Touch This" video. That's when I give in, feeling sorry for the little guy and will put him outside. Or I should say have J do it. I've tried a few times unsuccessfully, but he seems to jump right on the net when J goes to remove him. We have two doors into our lanai, one that has a rubber barrier under the door to stop beasties from coming in, and the other with the barrier missing. The other weekend J put him outside of the door that did have a barrier, and we've not seen him since then. This could be down to the barrier, or the heron that's been stalking around here...

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