Saturday, September 6, 2008

Nigella's Pork with Cider and Mustard Sauce

The other week I was on a "Nigella Express" kick. After making the Chicken and White Wine Sauce with Bacon, I tried this recipe that uses two things I love: Mustard and Cider!

We liked it, but it was a little too similar to the chicken to have had the following night. As with the chicken, in an attempt to make a little more sauce, I added cream cheese, though not as much as in the chicken. I've got a jar of pink peppercorns that I wish I would have thought of. It would have been a nice addition to add them, slightly crushed.

Like the book, I also served with gnocchi. I've only had gnocchi twice, once in Italy and the second at a local "authentic" Italian restaurant. The ones I used were store bought, imported from Italy, but left me feeling a little deflated. The ones I've had previously were like divine little pillows of potato bliss, while there were heavy and stogy. I'm not sure if this is to be expected, or if I had overcooked them? Anyway, I think I'll leave gnocchi to the experts!

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