Sunday, September 7, 2008

Product Review: Quorn Gruyere Chick'n Cutlets

I can't recommend this product highly enough. It is absolutely divine, the texture is light, the breading crisp, and the cheese... aaahhhh. It is an absolute favorite of ours, and at this time is only available at our local Whole Foods, so I stock up every time I'm there.
If you're not familiar with Quorn, it is a meat and soy free product that is high in protein and fiber, which is made by processed edible fungus (similar to mushrooms). It uses egg whites as a binder, so is not suitable for vegans. I first had it about 11 years ago at a vegetarian friend's house in England. She was making fajitas and I was really impressed. While living in England, this was a staple in my diet in the form of chick'n cutlets, patties and the ready made meals, most notably was chick'n tikka. It was around 2002 when I first started seeing it in the US, along with tons of articles on how it wasn't safe to eat as it would cause severe stomach reactions. While I'm sure it can (as can fish, peanuts, and eggs if you are allergic), I had never had any adverse reactions nor had know anyone who had. I had many vegetarian friends in the UK who ate this at almost every meal, with no problem what so ever. The bad publicity prompted me to e-mail Quorn to let them know how happy I was that their product was available in the US, and that I hope that had great success. This e-mail was followed by an unexpected "Quorn" canvas bag, and a generous supply of coupons. While I wasn't expecting anything, this was greatly appreciated. In my opinion, this company not only has a great product, but excellent customer relations!

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JO said...

Couldn't agree more about the Quorn with gruyere. I'm lucky enough to live in a town known for its vegetarian offerings... and headquarters for Wholefoods. I can find this at two of the Austin HEB stores and the Wholefoods downtown. I stock up too! I eat one of these patties almost every day with a side of sliced tomatoes. Just can't believe how good it is!!! Compared with the tofurkey I made for the first time tonight... no contest. None at all.