Saturday, September 20, 2008

France: One Week and Counting!

A week from today we leave for two weeks in France! It has been over 8 years since I was last there, and I am so excited!!! I've had my phrase book out, have been brushing up and am ready to go!

The first week we will be staying in an alpine-style house in the Alps. Here are the front and back views of where I will call home for a week:

The second week we will be in Provence. Here are a few glimpses of my temporary abode...


Jane King said...

I can picture you already sat out on that terrace in provence sipping a cheeky white soaking up the ambience - and the alcohol! Or perhaps having a breakfast of freshly baked bread or croissant. Both places look amazing. i hope you have a brilliant time and cannot wait to hear all about it!

Amy Jemima said...

Thank you :-) I just found out that the highs are going to be in the 60's with the lows in the 40's. Am NOT looking forward to the lows!!! :-(