Saturday, September 6, 2008

Product Review: Duke's Mayonnaise and Cholula Hot Sauce

~ Ok, I admit it, I'm a sucker for advertising. While not a huge mayonnaise eater, there was a recent advert for Duke's Mayonnaise saying that it was the official mayonnaise of the South, or something to that effect. There was a man saying that it was what his mother used and it is the secret ingredient of his prize winning potato salad. I might add, he looked like someone who'd know a good potato salad when he sees it. That was all it took for me to scope it out in the supermarket. I was impressed with the ingredients, easier to identify than most commercial mayonnaise, so I bought it. It was pure mayonnaise magic, and I'm now a convert! In the first week or two I made dill potato salad, macaroni salad, all these "American" classics I don't usually eat, just to use this blissful new-to-me condiment. Since then, the novelty has worn off, so I'm back to a healthier consumption level of mayonnaise, high cholesterol need not be a worry.
~ Then there is Cholula Hot Sauce. I don't really remember where I first tried it. I only know that I now cannot live without it. It is the best hot sauce, in my opinion, and I eat it on almost everything. It is sheer bliss on a black bean taco with fresh cilantro, or on any sort of taco for that matter. It also seems to be the sauce of choice at most of our local Mexican restaurants, which are actually run by Mexicans and not some corporation that has as much to do with Mexico as Pizza Hut (and their 'Tuscani' pasta) has to do with Italy.
~ Just recently we mixed the two together for our favorite "Buffalo Chicken Baguette" and it was divine! We have also made if the official sauce for our Fried Green BLT's.
~ The last time I went to buy Duke's I accidentally picked out "Whipped Salad Dressing" instead of mayonnaise. This was on a day that they had wine sampling throughout the store, which probably is the reason for this happening. It's my excuse anyway. Now while I have no idea what "Whipped Salad Dressing" is, it wasn't horrible and is very similar to salad cream that you get in the UK. It was tangier than mayonnaise, so probably just has more vinegar. While I would sometimes choose vinegar over oxygen, I think I'll get regular mayonnaise next time.

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