Saturday, September 20, 2008

Creatures in My Garden: Lizards

First I'd like to introduce Harry. Resident feline, lover of sunshine, and all around super star. Harry loves being out on the lanai. He is in his element watching lizards, soaking up the sun, and having a good nosey look at what the neighbors are up to. He loves spending most of his time out there, that is at least until the temperature dips below 70 degrees Fahrenheit or it starts to rain.
Then there are the lizards, or Anolis sagrei sagrei - Cuban Brown Anoles to be precise:

They are everywhere... the first one is on my bathroom window, trying to find a way inside. The second one is on the door going out to my lanai. He wasn't a very lucky lizard, as part of his tail was missing. This isn't critical as a lizard's tail is able to break off to escape an attack, then will slowly regrow. This guy was unfortunate as the breaking point was pretty high up. Many lizards around our house are sporting shorter tails, thanks to Harry. That is another, if not his most favorite past time: catching lizards!

A few weeks ago, we witnessed a first: Harry went in for a lizard, only to have the lizard bite him back! He dropped it and ran towards to house to sit and cower. Their teeth are so small and can't do any damage, so Harry was suffering more from a bruised ego. Who could blame him? They can be very intimidating:

First you see them and the look as if they are smiling... then they start doing push-ups and their dewlaps come out! This was more than enough to scare me off!


Jane King said...

Yikes they look more like dinosaurs!! Poor Harry - lizards revenge! Only takes one brave one to put him off his hobby - is he more cautious of the lizards now? Goerge goes mad for cats but when he actually gets near one and they hiss and spit he is scared stiff! I am not keen on lizards but they are better than that freaky spider you had that makes me shiver just to think about it!!

Amy Jemima said...

They really do look like dinosaurs! If you click on the photo of the one on the bathroom window, you can see him close up. You can see his long claws (which I never noticed before) and see the pads of his fingers that allow him to climb glass. I'm not crazy over them, but like you will take them over the spider any day. Haven't seen that spider again. Harry was not put off by the lizard attack at all. We do "creature sweep" when we go out there to try to get everything to hide, then he runs out there looking for them. You remember the night that you stayed over and he sat up and watched you all night to make sure you weren't up to anything? He's very persistant! :-)